Keeping Hope Alive

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Sermons | November 11, 2018

People of faith are a hopeful people.  It is an extension of our calling to forgive the unforgivable and love the unlovable.  God's imaginative possibilities are far greater than our worries, fears, and hang-ups.  Sunday after Sunday we band together with the wild expectation that we can grow into better people, that our future can be greater than our present, believing our destiny is always grander and more fulfilling than our current distractions.  Theologically, this is known as redemption.   The world and all who live in it have the capacity for transformation.   Even in our struggles and moments of living through the shadows, God's ultimate plans and purposes will not be defeated.  As we gather around the table of our LORD and declare his constancy throughout time, may we live further into his promises; sufficient for today and with brighter hope for tomorrow.

Central Baptist Church