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A Gentle Start (to an Uncertain Year)

This Sunday, the Christian world remembers the baptism of Jesus. The Lord of life and and love began his public ministry by entering into the Jordan River to be baptized. Throughout the centuries, believers by the billions have also been baptized as a sign of redemption, forgiveness and new life. They have confessed Jesus as the source of the power they have claimed in his name over evil, sin and death in seeking to join their life with his. How is this possible? Because Jesus, the one who will be claimed as fully God dressed completely in human flesh spent his earthly ministry to perfectly identify with the humanity he came to save. Jesus, the one confessed as the Trinitarian complement to God and the Holy Spirit, who was present in the creation of Universe and who bears the image of the full cosmos, took the form of a creature. He descended, descending into earth, into the fallen portrait of finite flesh, and into the muddy waters. The one who formed stardust and soared over the waters of the primeval void becomes one with the dust and is submerged under the rushing river. He is the King who serves, the Teacher, who is humble, the One with the power of life who submits himself to pain, suffering and death. We raise our voice with the Christian world. Our confession is in him. Our hope is in him. Our communion is with him and with the whole world being redeemed in this mysterious, visceral and eternal witness. Join us for what indeed, is worthy of our worship.

Central Baptist Church