Morning Worship - Eat This, Not That

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Sermons | August 06, 2017

This week, we hear again the familiar story of Jesus feeding the multitudes. It’s a great story, but have we ever thought of the many ways Jesus feeds us with many good things in addition to food? Matthew 14 begins with the news of the execution of Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist. Many questions could be expected. How will the Jesus movement respond to this news? How will Jesus himself respond to this news? Will there be an organized protest? Will Jesus immediately go to be with his family so they can grieve together? Will they continue to risk being at odds with the powerful elite? Would it be better to take a break until things calm down? As you think about our customs of gathering for a meal after experiencing loss and death, also consider how this perspective can give new meaning to the feeding miracle. Consider how Jesus responds to this difficult situation with compassion. Notice as Jesus breaks, blesses and offers the bread, he foreshadows all future communions his followers will share with him. Allow these insights to create fresh space to listen to this story and learn from it, as we gather as God’s people this Sunday.

Central Baptist Church