Join a Zoom Group

Being connected to other people is important to building community. It is often the first thing folks talk about when describing what is great about Central. To foster that spirit of community during physical distancing, several groups and Sunday school classes are meeting online.

If you want to join a group, please email or call the contact person for each group. If you are interested in starting a new Zoom group, contact Charles Conkin (

Sanctuary Choir

Wednesday Evenings at 7:30pm

Greg Hancock (

Members of our sanctuary choir meet on Zoom to give updates about life and offer prayer requests to one another. Any person interested in joining the choir can join the Zoom group to meet the other members.

Thursday Skool

Thursday Evenings at 7pm

Aaron Austin (

A group of adults from the Ordinary Time Sunday School class that values inquiry and pop culture references. The group spends time catching up and playing trivia or other games.

Baby Boomers

2nd and 4th Thursdays at 11am

Pat Ingram (

While originally geared to those of the Baby Boomer generation, the group welcomes participation by folks of any age. Formed as a social and service group, the Baby Boomers regularly meet for lunch, visiting local attractions and historical sites, as well as volunteering at God’s Pantry. During this time of not doing in person activities, the CBC Baby Boomers are staying in touch via Zoom meetings at 11:00 AM on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.

Adams and Eves

Saturday Evenings at 8pm

Greg Hancock (

A group that meets weekly for adults who enjoy a discussion-based Bible study following a quarterly curriculum.

Open Doors

Sunday Mornings at 10am

Greg Hancock (

A discussion-based class made up of adults at different stages of life, who focus on exploring the relationship between faith and society. Using the Bible, as well as other materials, this group values questions, serious thought, personal sharing, mutual respect, and plenty of laughter.

Youth Group

Sunday Evenings at 5pm

Charles Conkin (

The youth group at CBC meets on Sunday evenings to laugh together and enjoy each other’s presence. They play games, participate in talents shows, and discuss biblical stories together.

Children’s Ministry

Zoom Group will begin in June.

We hope that you find some ways to connect with others at CBC. These groups are only a part of the ways we are trying to stay in touch and hear from each other. Please join in to any group that sounds interesting to you or start a new group.

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