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CBF Kentucky Extreme Build

For our twelfth year, CBF Kentucky and partners including Kentucky Highlands and McCHDO will build a home alongside a family in McCreary County, Kentucky, identified by CBF's Together for Hope initiative as one of the twenty poorest counties in America. House by house, we are building affordable, sustainable homes; family by family, we are changing lives. This year's Extreme Build partner family is Kimberly Powell. Kimberly has had temporary custody of young Chloe for the past thirteen years due to the love in her heart for the child. She also has temporary custody of her 6-year-old grandson, Tajah. He has lived with her since he was 15 months old. For nearly seven years, Kimberly has performed any needed home repairs, excluding major repairs like water heaters and HVAC. Kimberly contacted our housing partners seeking a new home with three bedrooms instead of two due to the age difference of her children. She wishes to give the children a safe and comfortable environment in the coming years. CBF Kentucky is proud to partner alongside Kimberly, Chloe and Tajah for Extreme Build XII! WE NEED YOUR HELP! Through the contribution of funding and labor from CBF Kentucky churches and individuals, Extreme Build recipients carry an affordable mortgage on a solid, sustainable new house.  We need volunteers both skilled and unskilled to make Extreme Build XII happen! If you can't go, give to support this effort. If you can't go or give, please pray for the safety of volunteers and for Kimberly and her kids during this exciting but challenging time. REGISTRATION DUE: MAY 26, 2017 Fees: $25 per person/per day (up to $100 total) includes donation towards house, meals, t-shirt. You are responsible for making your own hotel accommodations. If you are interested, please contact the church office at info@lexcentral.com. http://cbfky.org/kbf-events/2017/6/11/extreme-build-xii

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